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• Order your healing crystals from me over on the online store www.MeadowsCrystals.com

• Request a Custom Made just for you crystal pendant, necklace or mala.

• Learn from me in my online digital crystal course.  Get on the waiting list by clicking HERE.

• One - on - One Life Activation Coaching + Guidance

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The Most Requested Crystal Course Available

Curious About Crystals?

I help men + women who are interested in learning how crystals can help with anxiety, depression, focus, protection, creativity, abundance, more zen + less stress in their lives. 

Unlike other courses that are confusing, to basic, to advanced, or straight up to woo, this course combines the science + the metaphysical intuitive art of connecting + working with crystals in an easy, in depth, implement immediately way for your daily life.


Meadow's Crystal Course

"When a Crystal Calls to Your Soul . . . listen."

- Hailey Meadow • Artist • Creatrix • Crystal Whisperer • Designer •

Meadow deeply believes that the crystals ALWAYS KNOW who they are meant for and they will speak to your soul.  If you come across a crystal that seems to be beckoning you, don't ignore it.  There's a reason.  Honor the call, you are worth it.  

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Meadow Expressions jewelry and more magical crystals blessed by Meadow can now be found at Meadow's storefront in Lehi Utah.  

Visit www.MeadowsCrystals.com to shop the online store.  Meadow's Crystals features crystals from around the world for your spiritual needs along with locally made jewelry by other local artists, handmade pottery, paintings and more.  Join the fun on Instagram @MeadowsCrystals

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