Charging Crystals with the Full Moon

Charging and Cleansing Crystals with the Full Moon

Full Moon ... This full moon happens March 1st-2nd 2018.  I feel like every full moon and new moon I am in awe and at the mercy of the powerful energies swirling.  This past new moon energy lingered longer than what I typically feel or notice and this full moon is full of very interesting energies, ones I am already feeling.  The full moon energy entered my consciousness a few days ago via dream and I just thought it was a dream of insecurities but after doing some research on this full moon alignment I now see that the dream was actually moon energy causing emotions to rise to the surface, shadow work rising that needs to be processed rather than shoved back away.  Read more about this Full Moon over at under blog, or sign up for the newsletter so you get the update on the moon and all of the amazing things happening at Goddess Ceremony in your email every month.  (Secret Tip: You may find special promotions for Meadow Expressions in the Goddess Ceremony Newsletter from time to time so be sure to sign up for that newsletter) 

Cleansing and Recharging in the Full Moon Light 

Direct Moonlight ~ I usually leave mine outside all night and collect them again in the morning.  You simply set your crystals on a plate or tray or table and let the moon shine on them.  If outside is not an option for you then putting your crystals on a windowsill where the full moon will shine onto them will also work well.  It doesn't have to be direct all night and there's not a specific "time" to leave them in the moonlight.  If you ask the crystal or feel the energy, you'll know when the crystal is cleansed and charged.

The difference of cleansing and charging is cleansing is to wipe the program you've given your crystal along with any bad energy it has picked up.  Your crystal picks up good and bad vibes from everyone it comes in contact with so a regular cleansing is most certainly a good idea.  Charging is placing the crystal in a place to pick up the magical vibrations of the full moon for example.  Charging your crystal can enhance or raise their vibration to help you better.

Is the full moon the only way?  No.  There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and I suggest asking your crystals what they would prefer.  You can cleanse them in New Moon energy,  over kyanite or quartz crystals, by saging them, by putting them in rice, running them under spring water, in a stream or in the ocean, or even just holding them cupped in both hands and bringing them to your mouth and blowing across them with the intention of cleansing.  As you can see, many ways, and more than what I've even mentioned.  Remember, crystals are in fact conscious and alive and you can communicate with them if you are open to receiving their messages and willing to hone your crystal whispering skills.

Is the full moon the best way?  I started to answer this in the above paragraph and the answer is no, it is not the best way for all crystals.  The crystals that respond best to the full moon energy are typically your white crystals such as Selenite, Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, etc.  But I always say, if you don't know what else to do or what the crystal wants then you really can't go wrong with a full moon cleanse so when in doubt, just put them out.  

How Often Should I Cleanse and/or Charge My Crystals? 

Last, one of the other questions that I get all the time is "How do you know when they "need" to be cleansed?"  Again, ask the crystal is what I do and suggest you to try, however if you don't feel confident in that you can often tell by just looking at your crystal.  Is it as shiny and bright as it once was?  Is it sparkling or a bit dull?  After a good cleansing, your crystal will have more sparkle and shine, one that you can feel the energy of.  

Just remember... when the moon is full and bright and you want to cleanse but don't know if its for sure the right way... but you want to do something.... when in doubt, just put them out.  

All Love

Hailey Meadow