How to Activate Your Crystals (and why its important)

How to Activate Crystals and Why You Should

How to Activate Your Crystals

and why its important

I was first buying crystals I was like most of you.  I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I liked them.  As I have done more and more research, read a lot and meditated a lot, I learned about "Activation" and why it is so important.  

I recently wrote about how to cleanse and charge your crystals in a full moon energy.  Cleansing is to clear the program and negative energies of the crystal.  Charging is allowing the good positive clean energies of the moons vibrations to raise the efficacy or "good vibes of the crystals.  

Once you've done all the clearing and charging it is then important, if you want to get the most magic out of your crystals, to activate them.  Think of it this way, if you were to sell your old computer you would want to "wipe" it or clear its memory of all contents so that the next person won't have any of your "stuff."  A crystal works the same way.  It is programmable, which is also why quartz in particular is used inside computers, because it can hold a program.  Once you've cleared the program then logically the next person will want to put their program into the computer so they can utilize it for their good.  Same thing with crystals.  You wipe and clear them then activate them with your "program" so they can do the most good for you.  You should always clear crystals that you buy at the crystal store.  Every person who has touched them or been even near them can leave their energy behind and it can affect you.  


Depending upon how deeply you want or feel the need to go with your crystals, the method will vary.  One way to activate is to just straight up speak to the crystal either in your mind or out loud.  Say an affirmation.  For example, if I were activating Rose Quartz and had it around because I want to feel and give more unconditional love I may say something like this, "Rose Quartz, guide and support me to feel and express pure unconditional love to everyone and everything."  

A deeper method is to actually do a meditation with each crystal.  Sitting in silence, feeling the energy of the crystal and then either with your mind or spoken word, activating the crystal with what you need help with.  

The meditation method I like to use is a visualization where I sit silently and I begin with my root chakra.  I visualize it and feel it, I feel the color and the speed in which it is turning.  Once I have that chakra where I desire then I move to the next and the next until I have all of my chakra lights beaming, then I guide the white light through my crown chakra, into my body, to the palms of my hands and then into the crystals at which point I then speak my affirmation or request.  You can use this method to also clear them.  

Find the method that works best for you.  It takes more time for some to begin connecting and understanding your crystals more.  Practice.  Take notes.  Journal it if you feel the need but always have fun with it and be open to whatever the experience or message you receive may be.  


Hailey Meadow