Meet Hailey Meadow

Hailey Meadow is the artist and designer behind Meadow Expressions.  After traveling for almost two years across the country with her family in a vintage airstream and then later a renovated van, Hailey Meadow and her kids left Austin Texas and relocated back to her home state of Utah where she now has her own crystal store, Meadow's Crystals.  Meadow passionately  teaches others about crystals, metaphysics, high vibrational living and mindset development.

The way Hailey Meadow wraps her crystals is purely with intuition and great designer skill.  Each and every one of the crystals Meadow wraps is done in accordance to the energy and desire of the crystals.  Sometimes a crystal doesn't want to be wrapped and other times they are jumping to be wrapped.  Meadow won't wrap a crystal that doesn't want to be wrapped.  Once Meadow has a crystal that desires to be wrapped, Meadow meditates with the crystal and then intuitively wraps as the crystal directs.  Meadow has found that if she forces or tries to wrap a crystal purely upon demand that the energy of the crystal shifts and the crystal's vibration becomes less vibrant and even upset.  An upset, less vibrant crystal cannot do its work for the highest good.  Meadow is passionate about her service to humanity and knows that helping these crystals reach who they are meant for is one of her missions in life

Meadow is available for crystal guidance, custom work, lifestyle and business coaching and mentoring.  Meadow has helped many people find their inner power and provides a safe space for others to discover themselves and their passions for life.  This includes mentoring in relationships, health, diet, crystal energy, setting healing home spaces, productive and abundant work spaces and more.


Meadow is equally passionate about independently raising her three children.  Meadow and her children enjoy educating others, being in nature, traveling and learning new things.    

IG: @meadow_expressions_gallery


Photography by Megan Lendman Photography