Meet Hailey Meadow

Maybe the reason why Meadow is so connected with crystals is because she embodies them.  Meadow has been forged with fire, rarified through water, and swaddled in the Earth, much like the gorgeous crystals she surrounds herself with and guides others to use.  A beautiful light-being, she is a fire-walking, crystal-whispering, soul-healing Goddess who blesses everyone in her circle.

Meadow would do anything for her tribe.  She walked on hot coals over 1,000 degrees hot at Tony Robbins’ Unleashing the Power Within, and she has channeled this magnificent energy to manifest an incredible business expansion to offer even more inspiration and wisdom to her community through consultation and enlightenment classes at her shop.  Meadow has a powerful connection to the Creator, nature and every living thing around her, and her keen eye for beauty has led her to capture captivating moments in painting, photos, and intuitive crystal wrapping. She attracts souls who are seeking solace, illumination, and peace.

Meadow’s life is a celebration of ingenuity, resilience, and the divine feminine.  Every single adventure in her vast existence - from discovering her mission on a soul-searching odyssey across the United States, to helping lead Sacred Goddess retreats, to intertwining her intuition with crystals and plants - has led her to where she is today, providing guidance to activate the starseeds within her ample reach.  This woman has chosen a path of healing, guidance, and wisdom, and she gently beckons all around her with a warm, welcoming smile.

Meadow is a devoted mother of three beautiful light-beings, and can be found teaching, nurturing, and loving them - both at home and at her glorious crystal shop.

Meadow considers her life mission to usher in the Ascension by bringing healing and unity to the feminine and masculine through awakening the Divine Feminine in all of us.