We sold everything we owned and left everything we knew in February 2016 to travel. This included selling our farm, sheep, companies, shutting down my Etsy stores, clothing lines, selling and giving away everything. We went from an 1800 square foot house to 190 square feet in our Airstream.  From there we decided to take the adventure up a notch and moved into about 96 square feet in our new super custom, all off-grid rig.

I needed a new creative outlet as my soul lives to expresses itself through creation and we had little space so I had to choose something that pleased my soul that could fit in a shoebox sized container. Crystals nourish my soul and I decided I needed to wear them more so I chose to start my creative outlet with that.  I almost gave up.  It was way harder than I had thought but with the encouragement of my sister and husband, I kept trying and one day after meditating with the crystals it all just happened.  I found that I have to work with the crystals and that if I let the crystal guide me that then I could suddenly create something magical.  My crystal jewelry has been well received and others began asking me to share my knowledge on the crystals themselves, how to use them, do they really work, the science behind them and so I now teach and offer workshops across the country as well.

Everything I make is made with the highest quality components and crystals I can find.  I feel the energy of the crystals that I find.  Some wish to be wrapped right away, others say soon, others say to just take them home and others are meant to be left behind for other people and for other uses.  All of my pieces are hand selected and it is the crystal that says to me it's ready.  This isn't about making as many as fast as possible.  This is about listening and trusting.

After nearly 16 months of travel my family and I have planted roots in Austin, Texas.  We still travel but for now, we are a little bit rooted for the time being in this beautiful, eclectic, weird, bohemian vibin' place known as Austin.  

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Hailey Meadow