Online Classes + Programs Coming Soon 

Online digital content is in the works.  
So many of you have been asking HOW you can learn directly from Meadow.  Introducing an online opportunity for you to learn directly from Meadow.  Crystals, Crystal Grids, Chakras, Auras, Vibrations, Frequencies, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Crystal Tones Crystal Bowl Healing, Guided Meditations, Health and Lifestyle concepts, Astrology and more.  
These programs will help guide you on your journey and help you step into the next version of yourself.  Be sure you're on the email list so you get chance at the upcoming programs.  


Crystal Workshops + Events

Meadow is available for events and workshops to teach about the powers of crystals.  In these workshops Meadow breaks down these powerful tools from the earth into an easy to understand format so those new to crystals and those not so new can easily understand how crystals work and how they can help us in our daily lives.  Contact us for rates and availability.


​Crystal Guidance  

Needing some help in selecting the crystals that will help you most in your current life scene?  Whether its jewelry for you to wear daily, crystals for your home or work, Meadow can help guide you to what crystals will work best for you.  These sessions can be in person, over the phone or via email.  Contact us for rates and availability.