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Green Kyanite and Prehnite with Epidote Quartz 108 Bead Crystal Mala Necklace

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Green Kyanite and Prehnite with Epidote Mala with Clear Quartz Pendant 

Balancing of emotions, heart chakra, mentally aware, focused, open to receiving the good things coming to you.     

• Green Kyanite + Prehnite with Epidote Crystal Beads 108 (6mm)

• Double knotted between every single bead making Meadows Malas the highest quality style of mala you can get. 

• Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

• 30 inches of bead plus 3.25 inches in length including guru bead to end of pendant

• Guru bead is Sterling Silver bead handmade in Bali and ring is sterling silver

 • Everything here at is handmade by Hailey Meadow and are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of healing art.