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The Essential Guide to Crystals Minerals and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo Book

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This is the highly recommended book that Meadow speaks about and carries with her most places.  

Meadow ~ "What I like about this book is the layout, the grid at the top makes for a quick to the point reference.  The affirmations are key and I love how it is broken out into sections for Spiritual Use, Emotional Use, Physical Use, etc.  Of all the books I have read and have had others consider, this book resonates the most with most people.  Beyond that, I really like the extra information Ms. Lembo offers in this book including crystal grids, home layouts, chakra information and more.  She also has several sections in the back where you can quickly reference astrology signs, careers and planets and what crystals go with them.  A must have book for anyone on the crystal journey."